Would you like to  increase employee engagement in a sustainable way? Are you looking to create a positive work environment? Do you want to turn your company into a high engagement organization?

Inspire 925 is a boutique consulting firm that offers specialized advice in the area of employee engagement to businesses. We strive to create work environments where employees – as our name says – are inspired every weekday from 9am to 5pm. Our main service is developing and implementing customized employee engagement programs for German and English-speaking SMEs and business units in Switzerland.


Our Solutions

Inspire 925 Programs

Our main service is developing and implementing customized employee engagement programs. Our approach is grounded in the understanding that every employee would actually like to remain as engaged at work as he or she was on her first day with the firm. A high engagement organization is therefore primarily the result of two things: Enabling employees to have a day-to-day work experience with a minimal number of demotivating aspects and a maximum number of opportunities for inspiration.




Inspire 925 employee engagement programs are systematic, holistic, impact-driven and fully customized to the client. They  consist of seven different but interconnected types of modules, namely team, leadership, purpose, personal growth, health, social responsibility and communication.

The impact of the team, communicative, purpose and health modules is geared towards the large employee base (i.e. enabling bottom-up engagement) while the personal growth as well as the leadership module is geared towards managers and key leaders within the organization (enabling top-down engagement).

Each module encourages employees regularly on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to engage more with their work and their environment. The program intensity and duration is adjusted according to our client’s objectives and budget.

In everything we do, we focus on measurable impact. From our experience, often small but well-targeted changes can make all the difference to your daily work experience. Learn more.

Inspire 925 Modules

Inspire 925 has a tool box of over 200 different modules that increase employee engagement. Each one of these 200 modules belongs to one of seven categories: team, leadership, purpose, health, social responsibility, personal growth and communication. These modules can be booked as stand-alone initiatives or combined into a customized employee engagement program, depending on the client’s needs.


  • Lunch Lottery

    When Steve Jobs designed the Pixar office , he put the cafeteria (and the toilets) at its centre – inconvenient maybe, but it was designed to foster chance encounters, idea exchange and knowledge transfer across departments and hierarchies. For everyone who can't redesign their office, our lunch lottery web application is the perfect solution. Learn more.
  • Creativity Workshop

    Facilitated by a professional artist, your team and you get creative and explore the artist's way. Tailored to your needs, you paint together a representation of your organization's vision, strategy or values. Learn more.
  • Charity Ball

    We organize a ball night for your company and include formats that encourage collaboration and communication among employees. For example, through a rotational dinner or by a special auction format.  Learn more.
  • CEO Update

    As a member of the executive board you oftentimes do not have enough time to share relevant business information, market trends or client experiences with all your employees, especially if your company is geographically spread out. We organize and moderate an engaging CEO Update video - from the first cut to production. Learn more.
  • Mindfulness Workshop

    Eiji Han Shimizu is the producer of the award-winning documentary "Happy." Following its release Eiji has closely collaborated with  leading neuroscientists, psychologists and educators to develop an interactive and practical workshop based on empirically proven wellbeing-enhancing techniques, such as meditation, cognitive practices, games, journaling, and others. Learn more.
  • Spot Coaching

    Spot Coaching is a subscription-based short-term coaching service. Employers purchase an annual Spot Coaching membership that gives their managers and specialists quick access to one of Spot Coaching's professional coaches which can help them deal "on the spot" with challenging and complex situations. Learn more.

New Book: “Inspired at Work”

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 14.25.2566 Ideas for more Engagement and Innovation at Work

The book “Inspired at Work” is a compilation of 66 original ideas for more innovation and engagement in your day-to-day work. It also contains fifteen case studies of innovative companies from Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and the USA showcasing how they have successfully implemented initiatives to increase employee engagement. Featured companies include:

The book is written in the German language. Pre-order a signed copy and be among the first to receive it in October 2014.



Sunnie J. Groeneveld, Founder of Inspire 925, is an engaging and entertaining speaker who presents on a variety of subjects related to employee engagement, innovation and inspiration at work. In her talks, Sunnie condenses relevant research insights, best practice examples and concrete actions into a lively presentation.

Audiences are captivated by her unique mix of information and wit interwoven with inspirational motivation. If you are looking for a high-energy, informative, thought-provoking speaker for your company event, management meeting or conference, who will push your audience to think and work differently and for the better,  please get in touch.

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“Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihren professionellen und spontanen Einsatz an unserer SBAO Tagung in Bern.”

– Roger Borner, Vizepräsident Schweizerischer Berufsverband für
Augenoptik und Optometrie (SBAO), Bern

“Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday. It was truly valuable for me, as an individual, and it was very rewarding for the group.”

– Diogo Rocha Santos, Career Excellence Network, Zürich

“Thank you sooo much!! Your talk was really great, been sharing the insight with many others too. Well done!”

– Gareth Knott, Geschäftsführer von Lifetime Designs, Zürich

In the Press

“In a world which is quickly realizing that a country’s true wealth does not lie buried under its soil, but in the minds of its people, companies and countries that can best address these needs stand to reap the greatest rewards. With sustainable projects and businesses like Inspire925, and the adoption of their prescriptions to increase employee engagement, Swiss firms can demonstrate a good company culture that will hopefully spread back to North America and other countries.”

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