Inspire 925 is a boutique consulting firm that offers specialized advice in the area of employee engagement to businesses. We strive to create work environments where employees – as our name says – are inspired every weekday from 9am to 5pm. Our main service is developing and implementing customized employee engagement programs for German and English-speaking SMEs and business units in Switzerland.

Our approach is grounded in the understanding that every employee would actually like to remain as engaged at work as he or she was on her first day with the firm. A high engagement organization is therefore primarily the result of two things: Enabling employees to have a day-to-day work experience with a minimal number of demotivating aspects and a maximum number of opportunities for inspiration.

In everything we do, we focus on measurable impact. From our experience, often small but well-targeted changes can make all the difference to your daily work experience. Contact us if you would like Inspire 925 to carry out a preliminary, free and non-binding proposal for your company containing three concrete recommendations on how to improve your work environment.

Employee Engagement Programs



Inspire 925 employee engagement programs are systematic, holistic, impact-driven and fully customized to the client. They  consist of six different but interconnected modules, namely a team, leadership, purpose, growth, health and communication module.

The impact of the team, communicative, purpose and health modules is geared towards the large employee base (i.e. enabling bottom-up engagement) while the growth as well as the leadership module is geared towards managers and key leaders within the organization (enabling top-down engagement).

Each module encourages employees regularly on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to engage more with their work and their environment. The program intensity and duration is adjusted according to our client’s objectives and budget. Learn more.

In the Press

“In a world which is quickly realizing that a country’s true wealth does not lie buried under its soil, but in the minds of its people, companies and countries that can best address these needs stand to reap the greatest rewards. With sustainable projects and businesses like Inspire925, and the adoption of their prescriptions to increase employee engagement, Swiss firms can demonstrate a good company culture that will hopefully spread back to North America and other countries.”

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