Our Solutions

Finding digital solutions that foster a great company culture should not require a lot of effort. Inspire 925 helps you identify and implement customizable digital solutions that have a proven track record in increasing employee engagement, collaboration and innovation. 

Foster Chance Encounters Smartly

Based on its proprietary smart matching algorithms, LunchLottery offers larger organizations a cloud solution that connects employees informally for lunch and enables them to bridge the gap between hierarchies, departments and generations. In 2015 LunchLottery was a finalist for the Swiss ICT Award and engages on average between 40 – 70% of your workforce. 

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Connecting the Unconnected 

Beekeeper’s mobile communication platform helps you reach all your employees on a daily basis, especially in companies with a large number of non-desktop workers. You can customize the application, set up automated messages and create internal communication streams. Thanks to Beekeeper, clients have won several employee engagement awards. 

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Bringing Experts to the Table

TABLE, a silicon valley based company, enables you to build, leverage and sustain a network of experts in business critical areas of your organziation. Through its digital platform employees can easily collaborate via chat, voice, video and screen-sharing and learn from the best internal and external experts. TABLE fosters peer-to-peer learning across locations and reduces onboarding time. 

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Changing Health Behavior Sustainably

Provata is the first digital platform to be scientifically validated through peer reviewed longitudinal studies. Backed with $ 46 million from the National Institute of Health they developed their proprietary approach Learn, Identify, Act™ and verified it across diverse populations, from active to sedentary lifestyles. Provata has shown to significantly reduce stress and increase overall well-being and productivity.  

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Connecting Expertise with Starmind

Knowing who to ask a question in a company can be a challenge, even for the CEO. Starmind takes away that difficulty by applying self-learning algorithms based on neuroscientific principles to build your company’s corporate brain. With Starmind, every employee can immediately find the right expert, regardless of their location. The technology gathers company knowledge and autonomously develops employee profiles.

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 Our Services

We offer a set of consulting services that make change scalable in organizations. From introducing you to business-critical innovators to designing internal change campaigns, Inspire 925 helps you build the company culture you need in order to succeed in a world of digital transformation.

Visualizing Change with Gapingvoid

Scale change sustainably across your organization: In an age of digital transformation, having an open, collaborative and innovative company culture is key. Based on the notion that people become the ideas that surround them, we partner with Gapingvoid to create tailored visuals (“art with culture messages”). By combining the power of their unique visuals with their Culture Science™ methodology, we offer a service that inspires employees both logically and emotionally, to find joy, meaning and connection in the work they do.

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Experience Virtual Reality

Develop a deeper, hands-on understanding of the technology and possibilities behind Augmented and Virtual Reality: In cooperation with Red or Blue Labs we offer companies the opportunity to experience AR and VR technology at their Lab space at Club Bellevue in Zurich. Clients can choose how deep they want to dive in. Options range from an introductory session to a halfday insights and ideation workshop where your team develops VR/AR business ideas for your industry.

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Innovation Day

We organize and moderate an “Innovation Day” for your company where selected startup founders pitch to your executive board members. The client informs us about their innovation domains of interest and we subsequently work together to select 4-8 of the most relevant technology startups that offer solutions matching your innovation interests. 

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