Our clients are companies, neighborhoods and cities looking to increase the level of collaboration, innovation and engagement in their organization, oftentimes through a digital solution or platform. We provide project management and consulting services to ensure these digital solutions succeed. 

In some of our projects, we help our clients select the  most optimal solution to connect their people digitally. In other projects, there is already a digital platform in place, but the adoption rate among users is too low. In both cases we design and implement an engagement strategy to increase the activity, reach and and impact. After initiating and sustaining the engagement strategy for a minimum duration of three months we apply a train-the-trainer approach to ensure that the project can be easily continued beyond our initial involvement.

In everything we do, we take a very human-centered approach which is why our projects ultimately contribute towards building an organizational culture that is more open towards collaboration and innovation. This is important across industries, as well as across the private and public sector. In the past, we have worked with companies from the hospitality, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industry, but also with neighborhoods and even cities.