Great seeing you!

By Februar 3, 2014Blog

After our conference in September I wrote, „Thank you once more, onwards and upwards we go!“ Last Thursday we we sure went „upwards“ so that we could do a „Deep Dive“ into our main topic „Creativity Goes To Work.“ The location? Switzerland’s tallest building, Zurich’s magnificent Prime Tower.

So what’s the big idea behind our signature format „Deep Dive“? The underlying notion is that each attendee has a different degree of interest in the topic. Hence, this format permits everyone  to decide for him or herself how deeply (s)he wants to dive into the topic. The first  and most basic level is to just attend the talks. The second level consisted of the VIP Dinner together with the speakers at the beautiful CLOUDS Panorama Restaurant. Finally, for those who wanted to dive even deeper,  Denise Jacobs offered a hands-on full-day workshop the next morning.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make this evening so memorable. Most of all, Inspire 925 would like to give a special thank you to our phenomenal speakers, Denise Jacobs and Chris Brügger.

We also are very impressed with our sponsoring partners, each one of them an example of entrepreneurship and creativity in their own right. First and foremost, we are tremendously grateful to Mailchimp. Not only are they the reason for our beautiful newsletters (like this one), they also were our main sponsor for „Creativity Goes To Work.“ Besides that we also want to thank our apéro sponsors Coffee Circle, a premier coffee brand that donates 1 euro back to the community for every kilo of coffee they sell; Leibacher Biber Manufaktur which supplied the most beautiful and delicious Biberli we ever tasted and Pakka, a gourmet fair-trade brand for healthy, organic snacks.

Last but certainly not least, a big thank you also goes to our videographer Paula Tyliszczak as well as to our photographer, Nadja Bussmann. All her photographs from the evening can be found here. Videos are forthcoming. Stay tuned!



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